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The Snyder Adams Law Firm Specializes In:
Criminal Defense

Criminal charges can be a devastating, embarrassing and an emotional blow to you, your family, friends, employer, etc. The Snyder Adams Law Firm understands the serious impacts and aims to provide sensitive and discrete options for every client.


Jennifer is an experienced trial lawyer and has handled multiple bench and jury trials over the past 15 + years. She has appeared in courtrooms across the State representing clients during first appearances, preliminary hearings, and bond hearings as well as arraignment and pretrial calendars.  She has successfully argued countless pretrial motions involving violations against citizens under the Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution relating to due process, unlawful detention and arrest, denial of legal counsel and other constitutional issues.  Jennifer has appeared in Municipal, State and Superior Courts and achieved dismissals and charge reductions in a wide range of violations, including traffic, DUI, family violence, shoplifting, drug offenses, fraud, burglary, child molestation, armed robbery, rape, vehicular homicide, and murder.  Jennifer repeatedly earns NOT GUILTY verdicts for clients in trial.


Jennifer has also represented clients in post-conviction proceedings, including sentencing, formal and informal probation revocation hearings, parole matters, motions for new trial, direct appeals and habeas corpus matters.  Jennifer has represented juveniles charged as both juveniles and adults.  She has advocated on behalf of clients in nontraditional areas of the criminal justice system, including bad check courts, mental health courts, and drug courts. 


Jennifer is a zealous advocate for every client, regardless of the charges or case facts and will tirelessly fight for everyone.  However, Jennifer also knows from her experience that some cases are better resolved with thorough pretrial investigation and negotiation with the State.  Jennifer has successfully resolved countless cases with intense pretrial investigation and discussions with law enforcement officers, solicitors, district attorneys, probation and parole officers.



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