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The Snyder Adams Law Firm Specializes In:
Divorce And Family Law

Making a decision to end a marriage, especially when children are involved, is an extremely difficult, painful and scary choice.  But, The Snyder Adams Law Firm’s experience with divorce actions, parenting plans and child support will allow for you to focus on yourself and your family’s needs rather than the legal issues at hand. 


There are 13 grounds for divorce in the State of Georgia, including a “no fault” ground.  Assuming both parties can agree to child custody issues, child support, division of property and assets, an "uncontested" divorce can be completed in as little as 31 days after filing all necessary documents.  Our experience and focus allow clients to move through this process as quickly and smoothly as possible. 


Unfortunately, parties can’t always agree on all aspects of division and require a “contested” divorce. Child custody, financial support, division of debt/retirement funds/savings accounts and sale of marital property and assets can create emotionally charged situations which cause great distress.  We will always offer clients a thoughtful and educated opinion while guiding clients through the legal process.  Our familiarity with the child support worksheets and guidelines assure our clients that we are thoroughly evaluating child support options. We encourage mediation and alternative dispute resolution whenever possible to provide clients with a cost-effective and more personal outcome.  But, we realize that sometimes litigation is unavoidable. Jennifer’s superior trial skills and experience will protect her client’s interests and provide the best possible results.


Contempt actions, modifications of visitation, child support and alimony and dependency actions are just a few of the many areas the Snyder Adams Law Firm can help you.



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