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Did you know that merely being ARRESTED for DUI can cause your license to be suspended? And, if convicted, you face an even longer suspension period possibly without a limited driver’s permit.  Georgia law divides DUI convictions into stages depending on priors and how long ago the conviction occurred.  The Legislature has taken most, if not all, discretion away from the courts in sentencing and license suspensions which makes negotiating with prosecutors and law enforcement officers very tricky.


DUI sentences are serious and can cause major consequences.  For example, a first lifetime DUI conviction requires:


  • mandatory 12 month probationary period (no early termination)

  • 24 hours in custody

  • $300 fine plus surcharges

  • 40 hours of community service

  • a state approved risk reduction driving class

  • alcohol and drug evaluation with treatment if recommended

  • no alcohol or drugs during the period of probation

  • random alcohol and drug screens at your expense

  • license suspension for 12 months (limited permit available in certain circumstances and early reinstatement possible)


2nd and 3rd DUI convictions in 10 years require a longer jail sentence, higher fines, additional community service hours and much more! Additionally, DUI convictions can cost hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in reinstatement fees, reporting fees, higher vehicle insurance coverage, and equipment rental fees. DUIs can also hamper your travel plans as some foreign countries restrict entrance to those convicted of DUI.


Fortunately, skilled DUI attorneys know how to protect your rights and fight to keep your driving privileges intact.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Call us as soon as possible after an arrest to make sure ALL of your rights and options are preserved.




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