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Parenting Plans Are Not Just For 9-5ers

When a marriage ends, the parenting plan is the blueprint to the future family structure. And the structure, i.e. shared parenting time between households, is all about the schedule. Whether it’s every other weekend, every Wednesday night or even three days on and four days off, parenting agreements usually revolve around the traditional 5 day work week. Spring, summer and winter breaks are divvied up based on specific calendar dates while holidays typically alternate every year. But what about the parent who doesn’t work the traditional 9-5 Monday through Friday? The parent who works a shift schedule of 24 hours on duty every 3 days? Or 3rd shifters with rolling “weekends”? Parents who don’

Estate Planning For Special Needs Children Relating to a Divorce and Custody Action

Did you know that insurance payouts, gifts and other monetary awards can adversely affect benefits received by children with special needs? Is it possible to provide child support to your special needs child after the age of majority? It is imperative to make sure that your special needs child is provided for now and long into the future by exploring special needs trusts during your initial divorce/custody action. Just one of the many topics discussed at the Cobb County Bar Association's Family Law Section monthy luncheon.

TADRA (Teen and Adult Driver Responsibility Act)

The Snyder Adams Law Firm extends sincere congratulations to all of the area high school graduates and wishes you the best of luck! As graduation night approaches, celebration planning is undoubtedly underway. We at the firm want to remind graduates to please exercise safety and responsibility while having fun especially when behind the wheel. Failing to follow the law can have long term effects on your driver’s license. Most graduates are driving with an Intermediate Georgia driver’s license governed by the rules of TADRA (Teen and Adult Driver Responsibility Act). Drivers 16-18 years of age who have held an instructional permit for 12 months or longer must follow the general rules which i

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