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DNA Doesn’t Automatically Make You A Dad

He’s spent the last 9 months preparing for the baby. He’s read the books, he’s gone with Mom to the birthing class and stocked up on diapers, wipes and newborn sleepers. But, come birth day, if Dad is not married to Mom, he has no automatic legal rights to his newborn baby. A child born out of wedlock means a child is born to a mother and father who are not legally married. In Georgia, the unwed mother is the ONLY person who has legal custody and established rights to the child at birth. Dad can establish Paternity (the determination that that Dad is both the biological and legal father) after birth by signing a voluntary “Acknowledgement of Paternity.” However, establishing Paternity only c

Georgia Inmates Put Out Fires . . . Literally

When you call 911 because your house is on fire, the last person you’d expect to respond is a Georgia Department of Corrections Inmate. When we picture the firefighter sliding down the pole and jumping into the fire truck, we don’t envision the truck screaming past the barbed wire fence monitored by sniper prison guards. But for many Georgia residents, fires, car wrecks and other disasters are being handled by nonviolent offenders serving a Georgia prison sentence. Since 1963, the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDOC) ​has controlled fully operational fire stations servicing the public. Currently, GDOC operates 19 fire stations in state correctional facilities and 6 stations in county jai

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